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With over 25 years of experience within the audio-visual industry, SNS staging prides itself on providing each client with an event that stands apart from the rest. Our point of distinction is not dependent on our cutting-edge lighting or our razor-sharp sound but the connection we establish with our client. Our interaction does not begin and end with the sound nor the lights, but is based on presenting a flawless experience. Over 25 years ago, we uttered the motto

“It’s our people” and we embody that mission statement with each event.

Our promise is true, hands-on customer service and an uncompromising commitment to exceeding your expectations.

Success Stories from SNS Partners

The members of the White House Communications Agency wish to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding manner in which you provided support to the President of the United States during his visit to New York City, New York.

White House Communications Agency

I cannot remember a conference I attended where there was nary a hitch with the audio visual. I quite frankly was amazed, and can only attribute this to your professionalism and expertise.

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Our team has the advantage of over 25 years of event management experience behind us. As SNS, we’ve been helping clients in all areas since 1998.


On Schedule

Our expertise in A/V solutions allows you to focus on your event. We help you keep things running smoothly and on schedule.

SNS experts satisfy with superior production standards and personalized customer service. Our hand-on approach helps you achieve more with your event.




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